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There's a child inside each one of us that wonders how things work. Whether you are finding answers for that child or the one that now holds your hand to cross the street, this page is the gateway to discovery, for you and your child. We evaluate hundreds of products to help you find the very best ways to bring scientific exploration into your home.

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Animals & Nature

Ants have a second stomach for sharing food. Their instinct to cooperate and the inherent drama in their life cycle can be fascinating. Our reviews include the best ant farms and other equipment to help a budding biologist discover it all.

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With the right equipment, you can encourage a child's curiosity to investigate how substances react to each other and form a different substance. Our reviews highlight the best scientific sets for all ages to explore.

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Models & Replicas

By the time you glue the last tiny piece of a model airplane into place, you will have a feeling of accomplishment, something cool to display in your home and a new appreciation for history. A quality model human skeleton, airplane or train set can entertain and educate children in all age groups.

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Robotics & RC

Some toys you never outgrow. Our reviews evaluate the best remote control cars, boats, helicopters, and airplanes to keep you or your child engaged in a fun and educational hobby that will get the whole family outdoors.

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Scopes & Optics

The right optics can help you see everything from the hair on a spider's leg to the craters on the moon. A first telescope or microscope can illuminate your understanding of the universe and make you want to help your child experience the same.

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